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Hope Returns™  works in partnership with local communities and international organizations to restore freedom and dignity to the impoverished and enslaved in developing countries.  Our attention is on young girls who have been rescued from exploitation and  abuse.   We help  those who've been victims and those who are at risk of becoming victims.

India, home to 1.2  billion people, is a region devastated by child slavery and abuse. Therefore, we are turning our focus to India. Our goal is to provide all the necessities of care that these children require when they are rescued. This  includes safe accommodation, rehabilitation, physical, emotional and spiritual care and education.

August 29, 2013

God's heart has turned to the children in India who've been imprisoned through the hands of  human  traffickers.   We're seeing how He's now bringing acceleration to their rescue.
Indian Girl in Brothel

There's been a real unification of NGO's and churches working together in the fight against human trafficking there. This has allowed access to rental space behind the wall so that our partners can work directly with those children who have been broken so badly, they feel completely worthless.  Now these kids can be shown a better lifestyle; a life where they are deeply loved and worth so much more that what they have been conditioned to believe.

Hope  Returns™ has now secured an amazing safe home for girls who are rescued out of the brothels.  This  home allows us to take in 60 rescued girls.  Set in a spacious area, it is a beautiful facility in complete contrast to where these girls were previously imprisoned.  It's here, we are able to help these young girls become whole again through the love of Jesus.  We help to give them a 'future and a hope.'  They are now safe, they are loved, they are cared for and they are valued.

*Jer 29:11  "For I know the plans I have for you," says the LORD.  "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope." 


Aftercare  Programs:   We are  currently working  with  our  partners  in Cambodia to care  for  rescued  children   who   were   victims   of  sexual  exploitation  and  abuse. These  girls  have  lived  an unimaginable  existence and need special care.   Working with   our  partners,  we  provide  these   child   victims  with  the  best  care  possible;
a safe home, love, counseling, medical aid, education and spiritual hope. 

Prevention  Programs:   Hope  Returns™   works  with   partners  to  bring  the  Child- Trafficking   Prevention  programs  to  communities  and  villages  in  Cambodia.    We are  educating  children  and their families about the deception of human traffickers. Cambodians,  in  general,   have  been  very  naive  about  what  really  happens  once they allow  their  child  to  leave with  a  trafficker.  Most are in disbelief to learn that these children are quite often sent to other countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia and sold into sex slavery, hard labour or conditioned for street begging.

A Story of Hope

Video - Child Trafficking in India

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