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How you can help . . .

Prayers are powerful:

When  we  consider  the  cries  for  social  justice  in  our  world,  we  place  our confidence in God who loves justice and answers prayers. 

God calls  on  His  people to pray about situations of injustice.  He  tells us that the earnest prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective.             (James 5:16)
Donations:  Helping to make a difference. 
Hope  Returns™  makes  every  effort  to  be  diligent  in  helping  those who are suffering and afflicted.  Your donation helps to positively impact the lives of the impoverished and those innocent victims suffering from exploitation and abuse.

We rely on donations to support and develop programs that provide the kind of care  that  these  victims  require,  including  a  loving  safe  home,  counseling,  medical needs, education and spiritual hope. 

Please consider becoming  a monthly partner  in  the fight against child slavery.  All these programs
prevention and aftercareneed your financial support. 

Thank you for responding to this call to action.

Youth Helping Kids:  Youth care about Social Justice too!
Kids genuinely want to help in the fight against child exploitation. They come up with   the   most   creative  ideas  on  how  to  fundraise  for  this  cause.   Never under-estimate  how  effective  kids  can  be  once  they  set  their  minds  to  it!

Hope Returns
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iGive:  It's as easy as a mouse click!

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Getting Involved:  Becoming the hands and feet.
It's exciting to see how people are becoming involved recently, wanting  to help in any way they can.  Some of the ways to become involved  in  the fight against human trafficking include:

Assisting in public awareness  - 
Talk  about  social  justice.   Share  with  others what  you  know  about child slavery and abuse,  helping to mobilize them to get on board with this cause

Corporate-Partnering  with  Hope  Returns™  -  Becoming  a  corporate  sponsor in support of Hope  Returns™

Fundraising  -  People  are  helping  to  change  lives  by  organizing  fundraising events  such  as  bake  sales,   car  washes,   home  parties,  movie  nights  with applicable movies, fashion shows, dancing performances, music  performances, etc.   Whatever  your  skills,  you  can  contribute by having a fundraiser of some type.  We appreciate all efforts!

Missionary work  -  Due  to  the  sensitive  nature  and  security  issues  of  the  rehabilitation  projects,  only  a  few have the opportunity to visit these specific facilities. 

Subscribe to our Newsletter - By subscribing to our newsletter, you will be kept informed on  the  latest  activities  and  immediate requirements we have in our fight against human trafficking.

Thank you  for joining us in bringing hope and changing lives.  We are grateful for your continued encouragement, financial support and prayers. 
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