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Mission Statement

Hope  Returns™ is a faith-based Christian relief organization dedicated to help restore freedom and dignity to the impoverished and enslaved in developing countries through meeting their physical, emotional & educational needs and bringing spiritual hope to their lives.

Our focus is helping forgotten children who have fallen victim to the unrelenting injustice of extreme poverty and interceding for those who are "at-risk" of soon becoming victims.
Emilie Johnston - President
Is founding  director, of  Hope Returns™.  On trip to India, Emilie became deeply moved by the plight of the children who've become the most vulnerable of the impoverished.  She looked into their tragic  circumstances and became appalled by the way children are being abused and  exploited—some as young as four-years-old suffering at the hands of human  traffickers.  This  motivated Emilie to become active in  rescuing and caring for these children, helping to restore in them a new hope. 

Says Emilie, "Child trafficking is a heinous crime against children, and though good people are appalled by it, many can't look at it straight in the eye, lest it give them nightmares." But haunted by the cries of these children, Emilie says,  "I cannot not help them."

Hope  Returns™ is a charity committed to providing safe and loving rehabilitation homes that offer physical, emotional & spiritual care, and education for child victims rescued from exploitation and abuse.

Ruth Roberts, Director
Born & raised in Calgary, Ruth's caeer in nursing has spanned 30+ years. She has alwys had a passion to help people.

Her community involvement over the years includes  World  Vision,  Wellspring  Calgary and  Eyesight Universal.  Ruth was very instrumental in starting the 30-hr Famine Fundraiser, that became a worldwide  phenomenon, raising tens of millions of dollars for World Vision’s international aid. Ruth has a heart for child and joins in the fight against abuse and exploitation of impoverished children.

Shelley Pinder, Director of Communication
Shelley  is  a  dynamic, passionate educator with a keen interest in social media learning and a heart for bringing about change in the world.  With over 15 years in both public and corporate education, Shelley is dedicated to using her gifts to help those who need it the most.

Deeply moved  by  the  struggles  of  children worldwide, and the fact that there are more human slaves  in  the  world than at any  other time in history,  Shelley believes  that  through  Hope Returns™, "we  can restore hope and quality of life with  the  aftercare homes,  community  education and home  grown  solutions." While the work to end child slavery and abuse is difficult,  Shelley  feels blessed to be part of a team of people with such a conviction to change lives.

In Memory of John Roberts
On August 30, 2014 we said goodbye to John as he left us to enter his heavenly home.  As one of our Directors, Hope Returns was close to John's heart which he demonstrated by giving so much of himself to aid us in the fight against child trafficking. We will all dearly miss John, not only as a warrior against child abuse and exploitation, but also for who he was as a beloved friend, husband, father and grandfather. Farewell, our loved one...'till we meet again.
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