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Do Youth Care About Social Justice?  You bet they do!
We know that our youth genuinely want to help in the fight against child exploitation.

Hope Returns encourages youth to help us in our work by:

1)   Raising awareness about social justice:
  •  Choose 'social justice' for school projects.
  •  Arrange for a speaker from Hope Returns to speak at your school.
  •  Talk about the human trafficking issues with friends and family.

2)   Support this cause while having fun with your friends through
      creative fundraising projects such as: 

  • Academy Awards Night - students dress up as celebrities and create video movie skits for the event. Admission charged to event.
  • Art /Book Fair – relatives/friends/artists donate art/books. Provides a fun shopping experience for students and a great way to rasie money.
  • Balloon Pop – notes are put inside balloons -some worth a prize. Balloons are purchased and popped in hopes of getting a prize.
  • Bike or Walk-a-thon – choose a date and route, make pledge forms and advertise with posters
  • Car Wash – students get permission to set up a car wash in a parking lot.
  • Carnival – with games, prizes, popcorn (charge small fee to play games)
  • Corsage Making  – students make and sell them for prom night – i.e. $7.00/per corsage.
  • Craft Fair – Students make crafts and sell them at their craft fair.
  • Dance – one dollar more for ticket, sell roses at the dance, etc.
  • Dress-up Day – students pay to wear eveningwear or tuxedo to school. A fashion Show is held at lunch time and the winners are crowned.   
  • Rubber Duck Race – sell numbered plastic ducks. Set the ducks afloat on a shallow river.  The person whose duck wins the race gets a prize.
  • Dunking Booth - Charge $1 per ball to dunk a student or teacher.
  • Funniest Home/School Videos - entry fee – winner gets prize.
  • “Guess the Baby” Contest - photos of teachers/students as babies posted. Voters pay a fee – winner gets prize.
  • Karaoke Night - for students and adults. Admission charged about $3.00. Snacks are $1.00.
  • Lunch ‘n Learn - Invite a speaker and provide lunch for a lunch-time workshop on a topic of interest.
  • Miniature Golf – build a nine-hole golf course at your school – charge a fee to play during the lunch hour.
  • Movie Fundraiser - The movie is free. Refreshments about $2.00.
  • PJ Days – Students pay $1.00 to wear pajamas to class on specified days.
  • Raffle Tickets – for a basket, to sporting event, etc.
  • Scavenger Hunt – entry fee – winners get prize.
  • School Trivia Contest – questions about events that happened at the school - entry fee  & winners get prize.
  • Shovel Snow – shovel people’s walks for a donation.
  • Skit/Puppet Show - A skit/puppet show usually performed by the drama club. Admission charged or a display table is set up for donations.
  • Sweet-Tooth Sales - students serve ice cream, hot chocolate, or other sweets at lunch or breaks in order to raise money. Get items donated or baked by volunteers.
  • Talent Show – admission to event is charged.
  • Tricycle Races – Students race - feature attraction is the Teachers Race - admission to event is charged.
  • Ugly Tie / Ugly Earrings Day  - entry fee – winners get prize.
  • Wild Hat Day - entry fee – winners get prize.
  • Maybe you have your own creative idea?

* All funds raised for Hope Returns go directly to rehabilitating rescued girls who
   have been exploited and abused.

Car wash fundraiser


Rubber Duck Race

School Costume Party

School Dance

Tricycle Race

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