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Indian girl at risk
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What We Do...

Hope  Returns  works in partnership with local communities and international organizations to restore freedom and dignity  to the impoverished in developing countries.   Our  attention is on helping those enslaved by poverty,  with a focus on the most vulnerable of allchildren.
3 Families in one-room mud house

  Severely impoverished mothers when
  unable to  provide their children with
the   basic  necessities,  often   watch
helplessly  as  their  children  become
victims  to  the   cruelty   of   extreme
 Forced to become ...
                 ... street children
peddlers and beggars
                 ... child soldiers
                 ... victims of child trafficking
                 ... and  forgotten.
 Children struggle for survival as they face
 a world of exploitation & abuse.
Street Children of India

  Abandoned, with no access to proper adult care, education or medical care, young 
  children  find  themselves  living  in a harsh world void of human dignity and hope.
  Their  innocence  is  lost  at  such  an   early  age,   and   often   these   children  die
  young and forgotten.

  Our  goal  is  to  rescue  marginalized  and  exploited young girls and enhance their
  quality  of  life  by providing them with
physical, emotional and spiritual care while
  attending to their educational needs.

Girls eating dinner - India


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Video: INDIA
Child Trafficking

Video INDIA - Child Trafficking

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